Go Kart Project

Constructing the ultimate Go Kart


My two boys and I wanted a  two sedater off road go kart. We also wanted something hi-tech. We started by buying a an older Gas-Powered Go Kart from Craigslist, around $400. We then stripped everything off the frame including the Gas motor, brakes, old seats, seat belts, etc. We purchased some plans from SpiderCarts http://www.spidercarts.com/go-kart-plans.html . These plans are awesome. But for the frame we decided to go with a used frame off of Craigslist because we did not know how to weld and no one locally really wanted to take on the job. Or if they did it would be much more expense than a used frame. But the plans and site were still very helpful since they listed out all the parts your need along with great ideas on the plans.

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