Go Kart Project

Constructing the ultimate Go Kart

Motor and Controller

Posted by admin, October 2nd, 2012

After stripping all the old parts off the Gas Kart, it was time to start thinking about where the electric motor would go. We purchased a heavy duty golf cart motor from D&D motors: www.ddmotorsystems.com/ The motor cost about $600 but we got one of the larger more powerful ones. About 10 to 12 hp. You also need a Controller  to match up with your motor. This is a small black box (mini computer) that is the brain of your go kart. It not only regulates the voltage to the motor but many other things such as limiting speed, safety cut offs, and 30+ other values you can program into the controller. The controllers run between $200 and $800+. Our was $500 from BOHlinger, Inc. http://www.bohlinger.biz/ and they were very helpful in setting the intial settings on the controller and match it up to the voltage (48v) and motor we had.

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