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Installing new seats

Posted by admin, October 2nd, 2012

The old seats that came with the used Go Kart where old worn and the too attractive. So I had my boys take the old seats out. We again needed Mark from MR portable welding to come out and weld some new metal plates on the floor board so we could install the new Seat brackets, seat adjusting mechanism and then the seats. These were a little tricky to install and the seat adjustments work just OK. In order to fit two full size seats into this go kart I put the driver seat up higher and on adjusting rails so an adult or younger kids could reach the pedals. Then the passenger seat I needed to cut a little and set it lower to tuck underneath the driver seat. This allows two large seats to fit in this frame.

we then install new 5 point seat belts which provide a lot more safety than the standard seats belts.

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